Thinking Out Loud Thursday #4


This is another link up with Amanda at Running With Spoons.

  • I blinked and September was over; now we’re at the first long weekend of the school year, Canadian Thanksgiving. Looking forward to lots of family time and way too much good food. YUM!
  • One of my goals has been to stay active as we move into fall and winter. This week I actually managed to exercise every day. Sunday I had a hard skate with my daughter’s ringette team. We even got on the ice early so there was more than an hour on the ice. Monday the team had dry-land training where the girls did body wieght and cardio exercises followed by a rousing game of handball. Of course the coaches lead the activity — good modelling and team building — so that was hour 2 for the week. It turns out that skating and exercises use similar but different muscles. Tuesday I hit the trails for a run while the team had power-skating. Although I planned for 30 minutes, I was done 5 km in 26 minutes so I kept going, but then I was in the middle of the forest after 6 km and I had to keep running to the end of the trail. As I ran out of the trail and into the parking lot, Strava let me know I had gone 7 km in 39 minutes. The first 5 km were harder than they needed to be, and I sure felt it the next day when all of my leg muscles seemed to be sore. Wednesday was a day for walking, including a nice 3 km walk after dinner. I’m still a bit sore today, but I’ve been walking a lot and stretching too so things are getting better. I may even get in a short run.
  • My average run length these days seems to be about 7 km in about 40 minutes, averaging 5:35-ish / km. A little over a year ago, my average run was 5 km, and I was running about 2 mins/km slower. I am still amazed that I can run as far and as fast as I do. I am a runner.
  • Wednesday October 5 was World CP Day. If you are interested in learning about this day, and about CP, please check out the website

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