Thursdays are For Thinking Out Loud #3

Hey, it’s Thursday and I’m remembering to put a few thoughts out there.

  •  It’s pretty hard to believe that September is over already. It seems like the month just started, but with the return to work and the rinks it really should come as a surprise to me that the month is already over. 
  • My free time this week has been consumed with coaching my daughter’s ringette team, getting my boys to their ice sports — hockey and wheelchair curling — and maybe just a little running. So far this week I managed 12km; I went out planning or 10km but then I was 11 and a bit so I figured why not just do an extra lap around the park to round out the last km 12.1 km at 5:42/km). 
  • Like many Canadians, I’ve been glued to the World Cup of Hockey. Tonight I’m listening to game 2 of the finals while I watch my son play his last sort out game. Here’s hoping Canada finishes things off tonight. Go Canada, go!

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