For the month of July this is my home away from home. Rather taking a break, I’ve chosen to be a Summer School Vice Princpial. I’m sure many of you are asking why in the world would any sane person choose to do this, but the truth it is a great experience. For the most part, the 760 students are here because they want to be here. The teachers are super motivated to work with these students. It really is a fun time. 
This post is part of the WordPress #developingyoureye photo workshop. 

Home (away from home)

4 thoughts on “Home (away from home)

  1. I like this Chris! I feel that way as a university lecturer. The students want to be there, so they have to laugh at my jokes πŸ˜‰ How are you liking the photo challenge? Thinking about doing it..which one are you doing 1 or 2? Nice job on the photo!

  2. Growing up, school was the only place I felt happy and safe. I still love them! Haven’t figured out yet how to make a living just going to school. πŸ™‚

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