The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Transitions

For this week’s Photo Challenge, I combed the photos I’ve taken on my phone this fall. As an English teacher, I spent s considerable amount of time discussing the notion of change and subsequent rebirth with my students. We looked for this in the various texts we read, viewed, listened to, or observed. Encouraging the students to consider a text to be more than the printed work on a page or screen was an important aspect of my classes. 

Each picture shows the transition from summer to winter. The hope for something better is held in the crumbling beauty that we at left with in autumn, and in our memory of that object during its growth phase. Assuming we stopped to smell those proverbial roses. 

Flowers in the garden


Cattails about to explode


Sun setting on another November day

Of course sometimes the transition works the other way.  Rather moving from life and beauty towards decay, our environment moves from chaos and destruction to rebirth and renewal. Moving into our house last year has brought about numerous opportunities for renewal. Our latest was a new floor in our sunroom. 

Where once there was nothing, now there is something


This little project was much bigger  than originally planned, but the outcome is worth it. 

As we head from November to December, autumn to fall, and year to year, enjoy the various transitions. 


Maple leaf with frost before the fully crosses it


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