Be the Change

After spending an entire day on a computer dealing with data — not my usual work day — I didn’t have the energy or focus to write my NaBloPoMo for the day. Today, however, I’m starting things off by dropping my son at the We Day event in Ottawa at the Canadian Tire Centre, home of the NHL’s Ottawa Senators. This student focused event is designed to encourage kids and young adults to make a change that helps society and or the world they live in. These socially minded young activists will hear speeches from other agents of change, music from some awesome artist, and even a few politicians (like Canada’s newest Prime Minister Justin Trudeau!).

While I have been part of some smaller We Day and Me2We activities, this is my first time inside the big show. If yesterday was a compete energy sucker, the short time I got to spend with this group today has completely re-energized me.

 What will you do to to make a change?

After some introductions and a traditional Algonquin welcome, the show started with a reenactment of Craig Kielburger’s class speech which was the impetus for the work that he and his brother Marc have been doing for 20 years through their Me To We organization. For more information, check out


And one last bonus, here is Prime Minister Trudeau’s presentation to the crowd, his first major public address as PM.

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