Trust, Encouragement, Faith: Family

Today was like many others for my family — multiple ice times, household chores, homework, and other mundane family commitments.

We didn’t have much time to sit as a family today, but for a while, my kids and I visited with my parents and my 95 year old grandmother. Sure son #2 was doing chores for his grandparents, but he didn’t mind (too much). it was wonderful to listen to the conversations. Maybe best of all was the cooking lesson my son received from his great-grandmother and the expectation that he will help her make the traditional family dessert this Christmas. It’s great to know that the recipe which only exists in my grandmothers memory will be passed down, and that she has trusted my son with that treasure.

The other interesting discussion was whether or not I am still running. I’m not shy about letting people know that as the winter weather closes in I have stopped running. Okay, there’s no snow yet, and the weather lately has been pretty nice, but I do not plan to run until the spring. Well that is until I spoke with my mother. She reminded me that she started running at age 29. She’s run regularly since, getting in at least 5k three times a week regardless of the weather. I know I will never run a marathon, but my mom has completed the Ottawa Marathon twice which means training through the winter. If you’re not familiar with Ottawa weather, it looks something like this:

Yes it looks lovely, but I really have no interest in FREEZING, or injuring myself. But then again, maybe I just need to force myself to push my limits and challenge myself. Sure my mother suggested that by not running this winter I am sure to gain back the weight I’ve worked so hard to lose. I told her I’m a fair weather runner and I don’t have all the fancy cold weather running gear needed to brave the elements and return to my family. Not surprisingly, she had an answer: long sleeve running shirt, sweater, track pants, hat and mits, and shoes. Yeah, I didn’t see that coming. It’s not like I’m being asked to build a rocket; I just have to get dressed and go.

So maybe, I will build running into my winter schedule and get out there for some short runs. It is hard to argue with so many people who get out there regardless of the weather. Besides, at Christmas I will have to be ready for extra servings of dessert.

Do you run in the winter? Do you have any tips or suggestions to get a reluctant winter runner out the door?

2 thoughts on “Trust, Encouragement, Faith: Family

  1. I’m not the biggest fan of winter running. I mostly find it had to find suitable places around Orleans to run that isn’t covered in ice/snow. I have fallen before so I’m weary of winter running. I do run on a treadmill and at the indoor track mostly because I have access to it.

    I went winter running at lunch with students last year!

  2. I’m always in awe of northern hemisphere runners when it comes to their dedication to run through winter. It gets bitterly cold here in the south, and the wind and rain can be relentless, but we don’t have sub-zero temperatures and blizzards. But taking on the elements in bad weather gives your spirits a boost like nothing else. And if you don’t run through winter, you’re always starting over, always starting from zero, especially if you’re not in your twenties anymore.

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