Hey I Saw You Looking At Me

Hey you. Yeah, you. Do you remember that time you saw that guy at the 4km mark of the race running with pretty poor form? You know, knees too high — I mean WAY to high — probably over exerting himself, and not looking like he was enjoying the experience. But trying to look like he was and that he knew what he was doing. You looked like you weren’t sure what you were seeing. Like maybe this guy was some ironic representation of what a real runner looks like. First you smiled that uncomfortable half smile, then you grimaced as though in horror, but all of this melded into a look of stunned abhorrence for the person who was making a mockery of the sport you love.

Well that guy — that runner — was me. I didn’t really know what I was doing, and I knew I didn’t. But I finished the race, and I’ve been proud of that moment ever since. Sure I’ve learned what proper form looks like. My knees are lower, and my turn over rate is faster. I’m lighter on me feet, and there’s even a solid finishing kick when I get to the end. I’ve completed duathlon, 5k, 8k, 10k, and half-marathon events. I’m a faster, stronger runner, but I still take pretty bad post race selfies. And I’ve never forgotten the look on your face. I wonder it looks like now.

One thought on “Hey I Saw You Looking At Me

  1. We all start running somewhere. I ran on my parents treadmill in their basement for years before ever really heading out in public to run. I hated running growing up, so there was a bunch of stuff to “get over” there for me. Good for you for just getting out there and starting – because that’s the first step to all those races you’ve now completed.

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