Back at it

I recently recently wrote that I had lost the motivation or focus to run, but that I knew I needed to find it again. After reading on Twitter about a number of people who were either getting back to running or were beginning to run for the first time, I knew I had to make the time to get back at it. I’m fortunate to live in a runner friendly city; there’s even access to a great trail network at the end of my street. I’m also fortunate to have a wife who supports my running even if she can’t imagine why I would enjoy it.

Yesterday I made the time. I hit the trails for 5.5k at 6:04/km pace. Also, I went back to 1 minute walk with 15 minutes running. Given that I hadn’t run in a little over a week, I thought it best to play it safe.

I don’t have a goal race yet, but I’m toying with a fall 10k or even making a return to the half marathon. The one and only time I completed the distance, I hadn’t really trained properly. Because I didn’t know how to at the time. Now that I’ve been running for a few years, albeit off and on, I have a better idea of how to train, and I know where to look for training ideas and plans.  I also appreciate the value of encouragement. When I hit a wall and was walking during the duathlon, at about the 3k mark of the final run, a teenage runner going the other direction said “You can do it. Keep running.” She didn’t know me, but her smile and positive words got me running again and got me to the finish line under my goal time.

It felt good to be running again. I’ve found a new training plan to follow thanks to iRun magazine. They’ve partnered with sporting goods retailer Sport Chek to provide a variety of 10 week training plans (5K, 10k, half, and marathon) for people looking to race in October. Because I want the challenge, and I still hope to meet my goal weight, I’ve opted for the Half Marathon plan.  I have no idea how this will go, but I’m prepared to give it a shot. If you’re looking for a plan for the fall, why not chick out the site ( Who knows, you might find your self pushing new limits.

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