Weekend Getaway — Getting away is half the battle!

Summer is half over and this weekend my wife and I are trying to get away for a weekend to ourselves in Chicago. Sure my beloved is going to spend her time learning at a conference, and I may spend some time there too, but the nice thing is we get away just the two of us. We’re looking forward to seeing the sights, and I’m taking part in the BTN Big 10K event 5k road race Saturday morning.

Of course some things don’t always turn out perfectly. For example, even though the best people at Porter manage to get me on earlier flights so I can join my wife 4.5 hours early, there has been a mechanical issue — the lavatory is broken it cant be fixed. Although, it doesn’t impact our flight, but it means we’re leaving late (1 hour) and I won’t make my connecting flight. So much for my grand plan to have dinner with my wife and our friends. So be it. As long as I get there today I will be happy. Not as happy as if I were to get there at my scheduled time, but happy.

When we did finally get off the ground, I was reminded that those fluffy clouds that look so pretty from the ground actually mean turbulence when you’re in a plane.

imageIt’s never good when you the flight attendant exclaim “Oh crap!” as that plane juastled through the clouds. Thankfully the pilot had us above the clouds fairly quickly and the flight was pretty smooth.

imageAnd eventually the skies cleared.

imageOf course one of the advantages of flying Porter is there notion of flying refined. Snacks and beer. Who could ask for more?

imageWhen we landed in sunny Toronto at the Billy Bishop Airport I thought things were going to get easier. Wrong again! Turns out quality signage is not a strong point for the airport’s planners. Sure I knew I had already missed my flight, but they didn’t have to make it harder to get a new one by putting up a sign that indicated connections were through a door. Nope, it really meant a different door that didn’t have any signage. Furthermore, the Porter Airline staff here are not all as great as those in Ottawa. Suffice it to say I was less than impressed and a little!e frustrated but the experience. Being told by the one helpful person I encountered that the other staff were most!y new and today was their first day on the job didn’t really make me feel better, in fact it frustrated me more. Regardless, it’s sunny here, I have plenty of time to recharge my devices, and I’m just a little bit closer to my beloved.

imageAbout an hour after I was supposed to have landed in Chicago at finally left Toronto. Guess what? The we’re more clouds to fly through. Fortunately there wasn’t the same type of turbulence and it was a much more gentle flight.

In the end everything g worked out and I made it to Chicago. My beloved and I went to a great restaurant , Howell and Hood, and some great beer and food. 

 How about we look for the good? The BTN Big 10K event 5K run fits perfectly into my duathlon training plan as I’m supposed to do a 30 minute run on Sunday. So I will switch up the Saturday rest day to Sunday and have fun at the race. This will be the first time I’ve ever travelled to a race so I’m looking forward to seeing how other cities put on race events. I don’t expect to take 30 minutes to run 5k, but its a 2 mile walk back to the hotel from Soldier Field, the start and end point for the race, so I will get the full training distance and time in. This will be an interesting way to experience Chicago and see the city from the ground. To be honest, I’m also looking forward to the medal and the shirt, and the fanfest that follows the race. Rumour has it there may be food and beer.

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