Who knew stretching is good for you?

Have you ever heard the saying “Do as I say, not as I do”?  That kind of sums up my approach to stretching. My wife and I have dedicated years of effort helping our oldest son with stretching because of his CP, but I don’t really apply that experience to myself. Okay I’ve read that to be a good runner, or athlete in general, stretching should be a regular part of your routine.  Clearly, however, I’m basically lazy and under-educated with regard to proper technique and skills to be successful on my journey towards a healthy life.  As a result I don’t really stretch that much — okay not at all. Surprise, surprise I’m tight and begin to suffer little injuries. It’s not like I don’t know that stretching is good for the body. It’s just that I don’t do it. Even my three kids tell me that I Ned to stretch after running. Today while my oldest son was stretching before his weekly horse riding therapy session, I took a few minutes to do some of the stretches posted on the wall. 


Looked at this for years and never tried them. Until today.

I was actually pleasantly surprised how much better my legs felt after doing some of these stretches. Not just then, but hours later. Obviously I will have to stretch more regularly. 

Earlier this year I was conducting a Teacher Performance Apparaisal for one of my Phys. Ed. teachers. Rather than just sit and watch, I took part in the class. In addition to learn I g about my teCher and the great she does with her students (the point of the observation), I also discovered a few things about myself. 

  1. With enough practice I can follow a Zumba routine. 
  2. I have NO core. None. Zippo. Nada. 

In addition to stretching more, I’m going to spend some time this summer working on my core. Apparently that’s an important aspect of being healthy and active. 

Have you made any discoveries about your fitness regime? What are some good core workouts for beginners?

4 thoughts on “Who knew stretching is good for you?

  1. Stretching makes the entire day go better! I love how my whole body tingles and feels more alive and joyful after stretching. I stretch first thing in the morning – many days. Should do it daily. The dreaded planks are great for your core. Good for you for recognizing what your body needs!!

    • Over the Christmas break my brother-in-law and I were doing a yoga challenge using apps and YouTube. It felt great and I clearly need to keep doing it every day.

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