Finding the fun in sports

After a lengthy ringette season that began the first week  of September and ended with a Silver medal in her division at the Provincial Championship in the middle of April, our daughter went straight into three weeks of tryouts for next season. She had exactly 48 hours without ringette before she was back on the ice. Not surprisingly she (and my wife and I if we’re honest) suffered from sport fatigue.  Unfortunately, tryouts didn’t go as she had hoped.  After playing as a competitive goalie for the last two seasons, she will be playing at the rec level next year. While there was some disappointment at the time, she took the news very well.  But it was very clear that she DID NOT WANT TO PLAY THIS SUMMER.  We understood that emotion, and we were happy that she was finding fun in another sport — field hockey — for the summer.  Last night, however, she was back on the ice in the 4-on-4 summer league as a back-up goalie.  She played very well, and she was clearly enjoying herself.  After the game she was smiling and she said she really had fun.  My wife asked her about one thing she enjoyed. Although there were lots of things she said she liked about last night’s game, after a lot of thought our daughter said she liked that she stopped every shot but two.  That was a great answer for her to give because it was something specific about her play.  She handled some really tough shots, she played her position well, and she enjoyed herself.  She was happy to be back at the rink, she had fun in her position, and she enjoyed being with her teammates.  After a very long season, it was clear all of the girls were having fun out there playing a sport they love. And that is all any coach and parent can ask/hope for.

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