Changing Ideas about Running

This summer my idea of what running is for me has been changing. Two things have happended that have forced me to reconsider my running routine.  I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a fair weather runner.  If it snows, actually when it threatens to snow, I stop running.  This is in part because I sprained my ankle a few years ago and I don’t want to repeat that experience.  Of course it’s also because I would rather stay inside and be warm.  Okay I still walk the dog all winter and I skate at indoor rinks and out door rinks, but I draw the line at running outside in winter.  Because I want to run more, I’ve accepted the fact that I will have to run when the weather isn’t great.  Twice this spring I’ve deliberately gone for a run when it’s raining. Turns out I actually like running in the rain; it’s refreshing and dodging puddles adds a little challenge.  Also, since I’m running on trails as much as possible the sound of rain on the leaves is very peaceful.

The second thing that has changed in my running is a tech issue. I LOVE music, and I learned to run listening to music. I have read a number of articles that espouse the benefits of running with music as a way to improve pace and stay engaged.  My brother-in-law sends my playlist suggestions to improve my pace.  All of this is great. And I embraced it heartily.  That is until my phone crapped out and started shutting off at the 1.8km mark every time I tried to run, listen to music, and track my run.  When I turn off the music the phone runs fine and I can’t rack my run. So I’ve stopped listening to music.  And you know what? My runs are probably more enjoyable and my pace has gotten faster. A lot faster.  My wife likes to remind me that when I listen to music is slow down and any job I have to do takes longer.  Surprise, surprise she’s right (again).

As I’ve committed to more running and more exercise, I’m happy to accept what my sister-in-law always said about running in the rain.  It’s not going to kill me and I still need to run so I may as well get out there.  As for the music, it turns out I can live without it for a while.  Now I just need to figure out how dry my shoes quickly.

What do you think about running in the rain? Any tips for drying shoes? How about music? Do you listen to it or do you take in the sounds of your environment?

One thought on “Changing Ideas about Running

  1. Like you, I don’t like to run in winter when it’s icy or snowy. I got a stress fracture one winter and it took 3 months to recover. I don’t care to repeat that experience.

    I’ve run in the rain, but would rather not … and need my tunes 🙂

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