Learning to Look More Carefully

Maybe I should have a made a reference in my title to the Boy Scout motto to “Be Prepared”, but the basic message is the same. I let a colleague have a look at my camera recently, but I did not check the settings when she gave it back to me.  Of course when I went to take some pictures on the weekend, I had more than a few problems.  The camera wasn’t working the way I expected it to.  I made some quick adjustments and managed to get some good shots.  Great, problem solved — or so I thought.  When I downloaded them to my computer I discovered the other setting she had changed.  I was no longer shooting in RAW, only JPEG.  Turns out I actually like to shoot in RAW because of the editing options it can offer.  IN the grand scheme of things it’s really no harm no foul, but this experience did teach me a valuable lesson to check my gear BEFORE I plan to shoot.  I wonder if there is a market for slightly blurry pictures of trees and lightning?

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