The Mighty Jerome

This afternoon my school was fortunate to have a showing of the Charlie Officer film The Mighty Jerome as part of the Reel Canada Black History Month tour of Canadian films. The film tells the story of sprinter Harry Jerome and his challenges as an African Canadian runner who was among the best sprinters in the world. Although he held three major running records at one time, he struggled at the Olympics; he failed to finish his race in his first Olympic, he suffered what should have been a career ending injury (separated quad) in his second Olympic, and he took Bronze missing Silver by a hair in his third Olympic. The film, shot almost entirely in black and white, highlights Harry’s personal, professional, and racial challenges he faced during his brief life.

In addition to watching this amazing film, the students had the opportunity to ask questions of and talk with film director Charlie Officer. The conversation touched on a variety of topics ranging from film production to Charlie’s views on racism and the NHL.

If you’re looking for an interesting film about running, I suggest you take time to watch Mighty Jerome.

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