Musical A to Z — Haletunes

Without a doubt the one hobby that has been constant in my life is music.  It’s not that I play an instrument, but I love listening to music.  I have music playing all of the time, it seems.  In fact most moments of my life, from the mundane and insignificant to those big life altering events, are in some way linked to music for me.

Once upon a time I thought I wanted to be journalist, maybe a music critic.  While I quickly realized journalism was not the life for me, I have still held music close to my heart.  As a teacher I often found ways to integrate music into our study of literature.  I have music I listen to whenever I mark (much to my wife’s chagrin).  As a new father, I took great pleasure dancing our children to sleep while we listened to songs.  The purpose of my first job was so that I could buy records — yes records!  When I met my biological mother and siblings, one of the first things we talked about and bonded over was music.  None of this makes me special, but it makes me who I am.

Recently I received a note that I was celebrating my 4th year as a WordPress blogger.  Well it may have been 4 years since I first created my blog, and n that time I’ve created a variety of blogs for a variety of audiences, but I hadn’t really done much blogging.  In November of 2014, I decided that I needed to work on my blogging skills; I signed up for both Blogging101 and Photo101 BloggingU courses offered by WordPress.  One of the things we learned in the courses as to make connections with other bloggers.  One of the blogs I found and now follow is BabyGatesDown; one of my favourite segments of Louise’s blog is her section on music where her posts follow the format inspired by bloggers Jen Kehl and Jacqueline DeMuro. In this world of social media, self-promotion, and i-reporting I decided to put metaphorical pen to paper and turn my attention to music, my very own Musical A to Z.  Given the number of weeks in a year, and the number of letters in the alphabet, if all goes well I will have something to write about throughout all of 2015;  I even went created a list of topics so I would have somewhere to start.  That said, I will have to reconsider my idea for U after reading Louise’s entertaining post.  That’s okay since I have a few letters to go before I get there.

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