Photo101: Solitude

My wife and I have very different views on the tranquility of solitude. She finds the peace and quiet of curling up on the sofa with a good book the most restful way to enjoy a moment if solitude. Please don’t think I don’t love reading; I really do — I’m an English teach after all. It’s just that I find listening to music is how I find and enjoy moments of solitude. Maybe it’s because I grew up an only child, but I quite like having music playing when I’m doing things.


Once a week I get to go to the rink to watch my daughter at her goalie clinic. It’s the only time I don’t participate in her development as a goalie. Instead I sit in the stands and listen to the music. I watch her, I learn from the on ice coaches, I process the day. It’s the same when I run. I don’t really like running without music; there’s something about the soundtrack that helps me lose myself in what I’m accomplishing. I like the time alone. To myself. To think.

2 thoughts on “Photo101: Solitude

  1. Those earbuds struck a chord with me since I just came back from running a short while ago.
    I prefer quiet in my solitude. It’s comforting and peaceful … except when I run. LIke you, I prefer to listen to my iPod when running. I do it for a number of reasons, but primarily I don’t like the sound of my own breathing when I’m working hard. Kind of freaks me out 🙂

  2. The sound of breathing and the clomping of my uncoordinated feet. Can’t stand that! I’ve run a few races where they only allow one earbud to be in place, which is not a bad compromise.

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