Blogging 101: Dear Reader

What makes a good reader? Well I guess somebody who takes the time to stop for a few moments to actually read what I write is a good start. But really that’s not enough; it’s just the start. One of my favourite memories is of a student telling my I wrecked music and movies for her because I made her think about them. Of course she said this with a smile, and she did explain that she actually liked that I encouraged and expected her to think. As a blogger, I want to challenge thinking.  The reader doesn’t have to agree with everything I write; in fact it might be better if s/he doesn’t agree. All I ask is that you think about what I have to say. Challenge me or question me in the comments section, if you want, just don’t stop thinking.

Consider this series of photos I took this summer in Vancouver after a round of golf.  My wife wanted the young crow to have a prize, something the older and more dominant crows couldn’t get, some of her chips.

Thinking Crow 1

The Crow investigates the chip

Thinking Crow 3

Now what to do with the chip?

Thinking Crow 3

Crow grabs the chip

Thinking Crow 4

The crow has finally decided what to do.

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