Blogging101: Say “HI” — Can you hear me now?

Communication is about transmitting and receiving.  Every time we have a conversation, of any sort, we send a message and receive a message.

When I first started to blog I wasn’t really sure what I would write about.  I had one blog that was about my dog, but it was really a counter to my sister-in-law’s blog about my niece.  I had one blog about photography and pictures I was taking.  Then I started to focus my work on things related to my daily work as a teacher. In addition to the blog created to relay information to staff about current initiatives in our school, I created a blog for my students so that they could keep up with class work.  I really liked this way of communicating with students and their parents as it closed a communication gap that needed to be addressed.  I also turned to social media as a means of communicating.  What I did not do very well was follow other blogs; I even questioned why random people would follow my blog.  Sure I follow a few hundred teachers and exercise-related Twitter users, who provide great information that helps me improve in both areas.  I have communicated regularly with a number of these people and I appreciate their input to my practice. With the demise of Google Reader a few years ago, I stopped reading some of my favourite blogs.  Sure I could have made better use of the Reader feature in WordPress, but I didn’t — until now.  What today’s challenge has encouraged me to do is actively follow what other people are writing and thinking in the longer blog format.  140 characters can convey a tremendous amount of information, but what some of these people put into their blogs should not be missed.  As I move forward with the Blogging101 initiative, I look froward to meeting more bloggers and learning what they have to share — so far I haven’t been disappointed.

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