Why am I doing this? Again (sigh)

When, I first started this blog, the intent was to document my planned journey into living a healthier life. Okay, so given how many posts I’ve made it looks like my blogging has been about as successful as my healthy living. To be fair I’ve exercised more than I’ve written, but my lifestyle changes aren’t going to get me written up by Runner’s World any time soon. I have, however, taken some advice offered by people like Andy Aubin and I am more fit than before.

One of the conversations at work this week has been weight gain and loss. More than a few of my colleagues have turned to Weight Watchers as the method to get a handle on their weight.  As a Vice Principal of a high school, and a fairly busy husband and father, I had hoped to be more active. I don’t do a bad job getting exercise between walking the dog 2-3 kilometers per day (yes he could get more exercise too), walking all over the school, and coaching two of my children’s teams.  But what I find is I have a hard time getting regular exercise that is just for me.  With the exception of the 3 months my daughter played field hockey in the spring  What I have discovered is my tendency to snack is the bigger contributor to my weight issues. It turns out walking to the kitchen for snacks isn’t actually an appropriate exercise plan.

So here we are nearing the end of October now into November, the temptation of chocolates is all around, and I’m trying to get more exercise while eating less. Taking the advice of the Don’t Change Much initiative, I’m making subtle changes in my choices and habits. It seems to be paying off as I weighed in a little lighter this week compared to last week.

As I try to get more exercise through longer walks with dog and kids, and attempting to make better use of the various health & fitness apps on my phone, I have also taken on the WordPress.com photo101 and blogging101 challenges in order to be a more regular writer.  Who knows, I just might get into a regular pattern of exercising my body and mind.

[As it turns out, this post took me three days 2 weeks to write because of a variety of things that got in the way. Life happens, just don’t miss it.]

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