Lets Try This Again (and again)

This is a post I started last year but never got around to finishing, kind of like my exercise plans. I had always planned to get back to this post, but it never happened. I have a follow up post which will, if all goes as planned, be posted later today. Here’s hoping.

Once again I find myself reflecting on the good intentions I had. Sure I set up this blog with the intention of writing about my exercise journey and attempts to get into better shape. Well, as has happened in the past, I have not written much. Sure bloggers like Steve Downey and Tom Lehman encourage us to write for 15 minutes each day if only to get our thoughts started. Or Dan Shareski and Royan Lee who recommend using Evernote to start the rough drafts of eventual posts. Yeah this sounds great, but them my life seemed to get in the way. Or maybe its more precise to say I let it get into the way as I didn’t make the time to write. Regardless, I didn’t write much of anything last year. I did exercise, some, but I sure didn’t write.

My year of tracking and improving my exercise started out full of hope and opportunity. As an assistant coach of my daughter’s ringette team and my son’s hockey team I had skated two or three times each week last winter so I was in good shape. Of course I walk the dog everyday, averaging 3 km per day. After a successful 5K in the spring, I was encouraged to run more often. My daughter also wanted to run with me so we went out a few times. Summer came and we biked a few times. I was still walking the dog lots and going further in the good weather. My wife and I had a great trip to New Orleans where I walked everywhere and even ran along the Boardwalk and through the French Quarter (talk about an awesome route!). A family summer trip to the west coast meant more walking and the required trek up Grouse Mountain with two of the kids. But in the middle of July I developed what I thought was a simple case of metatarsis. I changed shoes, tried physio, massaged my foot, and applied an anti-inflammatory cream all to no avail. I kept exercising through it all, even getting a PB and winning my category (Clydesdale) in a local 5k. Of course work got busy again, which tends to happen each fall since I am a Vice Principal in a high school. Kids’ sports started up again and the foot never got better Unfortunately, the exercise also started to fall by the way side.

And so ended this unfinished blog post. As I mentioned, I have a follow up that will come out later today (I hope).

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