Everybody’s Working for the Weekend!

This was a short week thanks to Thanksgiving on Monday, but we had a pretty busy four days at work and home. It’s early Saturday morning and my daughter and I are up and trying to get to the rink for her 7:30 a.m. practice. For such a lovely child, she can be pretty grumpy. So much for sleeping in, but we did get to do that Monday morning so I can’t be too greedy. But this early practice is the start if a very busy weekend — 3 kids and multiple sports activities, not to mention the regular family jobs that have to get done (yay Costco!). I vaguely remember a time when the weekends were a restful time, but it doesn’t seem that lately. Oh well, the kids are active and they enjoy there sports so it’s worth it. Also, since I can’t just sit in the bleachers, I have the fun of coaching so I get a little exercise too. Okay, time to head out.

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