My Exercising Week

When I started this blog about a year ago, I had planned to exercise a fair bit each month and then document it here all in the hope that I would be sharing my journey to sub-200 lb weight, a place a I haven’t been in a decade or more. Of course I haven’t exercised as much as I had hoped, although I was skating 2-4 times each week as a ringette and hockey coach, and I did walk the halls a lot at school. I did get close a few times, but I never did get below 200. Once ringette and hockey ended, my weight slowly crept back up and I find myself where I was this time last year sitting at 210 lbs. Rather than giving up, I have made a conceded effort this summer to eat better and exercise more. Highly processed foods are almost completely gone, and serving sizes are down. Dog walks are longer and more often. The bike has been dusted off and used. Running shoes are being used for running. Even on holidays this summer I’ve found time for runs, much to my wife’s surprise. While running I’m getting see things I would have seen otherwise. I ran along the Mississippi and through the French Quarter in New Orleans. I ran down to the Fraser River in Vancouver. I ran along the Straight of Georgia in Campbell River. Each run showed me a different part of the city and the natural environment I would not have seen on a bus or driving a car. In the last week I managed two 3km runs to the Fraser, I completed the Grouse Grind with two of my children and their great-aunt & uncle (he’s 75!), pushed my other son in his wheelchair around the Grouse Grind activities, played golf and walked the course, and ran 5km today. Hopefully I can keep it up and the exercise pays off and I find my down to my goal weight.

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