Summer Travel (bucket list items, family time, relaxation)

This summer seems to be moving pretty fast, but I have managed to get a few things accomplished. Sure I’m not running as much this summer as I had hoped (due to a lingering bruised metatarsal), but I have logged some miles (okay kilometres since I’m Canadian) especially walking the dog. It turns out that that by tracking all of those walks, it makes a big difference to my total distance covered.

I did my first trail run this summer. It started well, ended strong, but had a few minutes of confusion in the middle. Like the poem says, I took the road less travelled and that made all the difference. Also, it pays to read the signs (Signs, signs, everywhere signs!). After a brief detour in the deep bush and long grass cutting my own trail, I found my way back to the main path. It was great to run a trail, and I see why so many people enjoy it; I’m definitely going to run some more trails.

Bucket lists are funny things. There are so many things people want to try and accomplish that it makes me wonder if it is ever possible to actually do them. As it turns out, Jean and I spent a week together in New Orleans and Atlanta and we did get to cross of a few of our bucket list items. For me, just getting to NOLA was a bucket list achievement. While there, we went to the National World War II Museum, caught an awesome zydeco show by Dwayne Dopsie and the Zydeco Hellraisers on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter, and attended a special presentation of one of the Mardis Gras Tribes. Really this only scratches the surface of what we got to do, and that in itself only scratched the surface of what there is too do and see in NOLA. I may never get back there, but at least I’ve been.

20130803-135027.jpgMy Gal Sal B24 bomber at WWII Museum, New Orleans

Before heading home from NOLA, we stopped in Atlanta, Georgia for 48 hours so that we could cross of a bucket list item for Jean. Of course we told the kids this was a fact finding trip to see if it would be a suitable location for a family holiday, but really it was about seeing one thing. Okay four things: whale sharks. There are pretty much only three places you can see whale sharks, and since we have no plans to go to Japan or like the randomness of flying over the ocean, the Georgia Aquarium was a must see location. Of course there is more to do in Atlanta, but we really went to just to see the whale sharks, and they at absolutely breathtaking. It was really hard to walk away from the viewing area at the end of the day.

20130803-135202.jpgWhale sharks, Georgia Aquarium

We have headed into August on our official family vacation to Vancouver, BC to see family and to enjoy a slightly slower pace before we head back to work and school at the end of August. We’ve already done the Grouse Grind, watched fireworks on the beach, and taken a ferry ride to the island; all this and we still have two weeks here. There may still be time to cross off one more bucket list item: seeing killer whales in the ocean.

20130803-135426.jpgAbout halfway up Grouse Grind

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