I run to contribute


The Ottawa Physiotherapy Race was held April 21, 2013, set along the scenic Rideau Canal. The event consists of three distances (2, 5, and 10 km) and is a wonderful early season race which supports lo cal charities. One of the things I like most about taking part in a race like this is that my registration supports a worthy cause. I certainly don’t run because I expect to win, in fact I really just want to be able to finish and maybe run a bit fast than the last one. My wife and I like to joke that the reason I coach in the community is because I can’t sit still and just watch, but we both know that helping by our children’s teams helps them and their friends develop both a love for healthy active living and a understanding of the moral imperative to support the community as a whole. All of the activities that our children are involved in require volunteers, not just parents who drive them but parents, siblings, and others who willingly give their time and expertise to help them enrich their lives by learning and experiencing new things. I’m thankful for the many volunteers in my children’s lives. I’m grateful that I can do my small part to contribute as well.

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