Slow starts

Army Run 2012

As I predicted when I first had the idea of writing this blog about my exercise pursuits, I have not actually written much. The ineffective documenting of my exercise plan somewhat reflects the actual progress I made exercising. Of course there has been a little progress so that’s good.


This winter has been like the last few. My wife and I spend our weekends driving our kids to their various winter activities. Fortunately my wife still finds time for her weekly spin class, and I am on the ice coaching two teams. Between the skating, walking the dog, and a better diet, I have managed to lose some weight. Last summer I weighed in at 210 lbs.; now I’m tipping the scales at 205 lbs. This is still short of the sub-200 I want/need to get to, but at least it’s progress in the right direction. My only worry is that now that the winter sports are ending, I may actually put some weight back on as I’m not as active. History may actually repeat itself here!

So how do I build in new exercising into my schedule? Luckily the dog still needs to be walked, and my daughter likes to run with me. She and I will run at least one 5k race this year, although we hope to complete more than that. Our current goal is a to run the Army Run 5k as a family this year with me pushing my oldest son in his wheelchair. More in this notion later.

Of course I am prepared to try something different in my quest to find a fitter me. I have started a Burpree+1 routine that will (hopefully) get me to completing 100 Burpees at the en of 100 days. So far so good, but it is very early in the routine (day 3 for those counting along). But my my brother-in-law who got me running in the first place has decided to try his hand at triathlons, and he wants me to join him. When I first met my wife I managed to get in a couple of 30 km rides each weak. Now that I have a busy family this hasn’t happened in a long time. Of course my kids are old enough o want to go for longer rides so this too should cha for this summer. As for swimming, I used to belong to a Masters Swim Club. I’ve never had good form, but I can put in the time to get the distance done. When I had no plans to set records, info think I can actually finish each event. Who knows, maybe for a mid-forties guy who ways over 200 lbs my times could be pretty good.

As we move out of winter and I to spring, I have a renewed view for my fitness plan. Wish me luck.


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