5 ft 9 inches


On there own these numbers are not too significant nor do they tell much of a story. However when combined they tell part of my story, they help form the narrative that is my life. When I created this blog in July 2012, I had just turned 45 and I weighed in at a less than spectacular 210 lbs. I thought back to a comment my doctor made to me a few years earlier and I realized I had better do something.

You have two choices. Either you get taller or you lose weight, and you are NOT getting any taller.

At that time I was closer 220 lbs (still less than my max of 225!) so the health risks associated with my weight were greater. As somebody who was never too active, I did not have any strategies or skills that would help me get into better shape. Fortunately I do have a caring wife and family who have helped me get a handle on getting healthy.

The purpose behind the of is really to provide an outlet for me to change the narrative of my life; a narrative that will hopefully include a different set of numbers. I can’t promise there will be a lot written, but I am going to try. Because if you don’t try then what’s the point.

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